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about us

Fruit Time Ltd. is a new Russian company performing delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables from all over the world to Russia.
We are a team of six professionals, each with a large experience and years of work in the field of fruit logistics.

The company was initially established as a Russian representative office of a French enterprise dealing with import and export of fruits. After a year of successful work, the Russian office separated from the head company and began to act independently as an importing and logistics agency.
Thus Fruit Time Ltd. emerged as a strong new player on the Russian market.

Fruit Time Ltd. is a legal importer performing its activity in strict compliance with state and international rules.
Our mission is not selling goods but providing our clients with a top-quality service that includes all the elements of the logistical chain, from purchasing to door-to-door delivery.
The company has its own customs department, which allows us to work quickly and effectively without having to rely on the services of third parties.

Never content with our present successes, we always strive to move forward. This is why we never stop searching for new partnerships and business opportunities. We always look for reliable new suppliers, most effective ways of delivery and of expanding our range of products.

In striving for excellence, we are always open to new partnerships and new ideas. Join the team of our partners and start a mutually rewarding cooperation!

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